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    The Mission of Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity is to promote and support excellence in music and musicianship.

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    Our fraternity has changed drastically since its founding in 1909. Today's society puts demands on individuals unlike any other time in the past, whether you are a performer, educator or music supporter, we STILL need you in Delta Omicron. The board is challenging our membership to stay involved, get back involved and help grow our fraternity. There is so much we can do when we all work together. "Continually Striving, We Attain."

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    • March 22, 2023
      Deadline for ordering is FRIDAY!!!!
    • March 8, 2023
      Graduation time is coming up - who wants to order a graduation cord/stole to wear for your ceremony? Orders open until March 24th -
    • January 21, 2023
      Just under an hour until our alumni Connect!
    • December 12, 2022
      Did you know that it costs approximately $110/day to keep our National Organization Operating? That is pretty low cost for such a large organization but we really need your support - consider donating a day, week or month! #continallystrivingweattain http://www.delta-omicron.org
    • December 11, 2022
      We hope you will join us for Founders Day 2022 - use the google form link in the photo OR email the Executive Office for form access - RSVP due by Friday, event on Sunday, December 18th - 2022. #continallystrivingweattain
    • November 29, 2022
      Thank you for donating - #GivingTuesday
    • November 29, 2022
      Today is the day - #GivingTuesday - members we need your support! My first challenge is for our membership to raise $3,000 in 3 days in memory of our founders! That goal would cover operating costs of our fraternity for 1 month - we desperately need your donations to keep our organization operating. Donations can be made online or mailed to our executive office! https://www.paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=7YDXWJD5V487S
    • November 26, 2022
    • November 10, 2022
      Alumni - Join Beta Province in January for a VIRTUAL event called Winter Connect - info in picture! #deltaomicron #continuallystrivingweattain
    • July 11, 2022
      Delta Omicron is beyond thrilled to partner with Marcia Neel for our Triennial Conference. A music educator for 22 years and Coordinator of Secondary Fine Arts in the Clark County School District (Las Vegas) for an additional 14 years, Marcia now serves as president of Music Education Consultants, Inc. This consortium of music education professionals works with educational organizations, arts associations, and school districts to foster the growth and breadth of standards-based, articulated music education programs.
      Learn more about Marcia and how she can help pur organization in Norfolk! #doconf2022 #continuallystrivingweattain
    • March 15, 2021
      Take advantage of this opportunity through your fraternity! https://t.co/q6T3tmzggC https://t.co/Ud0HIZJEaF
    • January 18, 2021
    • August 20, 2020
    • August 19, 2020
      Perform at conference next summer! https://t.co/ebqjwFVkFo
    • August 17, 2020
      It’s time! Check our Facebook for details about conference next summer!! https://t.co/NxrwsP2Uq2
    • July 30, 2020
      RT @Angeldrkfire: @DeltaOmicron inspired water bottle used with metallic rose gold vinyl https://t.co/tYIJfTcP0s
    • July 30, 2020
      Join our Intl Prez on Facebook live on 8/5! https://t.co/fXB7IgacUx
    • July 27, 2020
      Just one year away! https://t.co/8xVqQDasKk