Two scholarship opportunities are available: Fraternity Summer Scholarships and Foundation Educational Grants. The grant awards will be applied toward tuition for undergraduate or graduate music study.

Delta omicron Fraternity scholarships 
The Fraternity offers ten summer scholarships of up to $500 for summer study and/or training each year. Collegiate and Alumni members in good standing may apply upon acceptance into a qualifying program. Some scholarships have limitations or restrictions as listed on the Summer Scholarship Information sheet.

Summer Scholarships can only be used for short-term, NON-CREDIT summer workshops or camps. These may be located in the USA or internationally. The scholarships cannot be used for graduate or undergraduate for-credit study, or for-credit study abroad. Scholarships may not be used for conferences and conventions.

For more information and a full list of available Summer Scholarships, click here.

To Apply

Download the appropriate application (Collegiate or Alumni); complete it by clicking on the grey text boxes and filling them with your information; save it as instructed and send it as an email attachment to the scholarship chair. The deadline for application is April 15th each year and recipients are notified by May 1st.

Collegiate Application            

  Alumni Application 

Delta omicron Foundation grants 
Please notify your chapter members that the deadline for applications for the 2021-22 grants is May 31, 2024.

The Delta Omicron Foundation offers Educational Grants. Please see their website for more information.