• to create and foster fellowship through music;
  • to give music students an opportunity to meet with one another and, by personal contact and exchange of ideas, to broaden the individual outlook;
  • to strengthen a devotion and loyalty to Alma Mater;
  • to develop character and leadership;
  • to encourage the highest possible scholastic attainment, excellence of individual performance; and appreciation of good music
  • to give material aid to worthy students;
  • to manifest interest in young musicians entering the professional world.


  • to promote local, national, and international music and musicians;
  • to further the work of aspiring composers;
  • to stimulate appreciation of good music at the community level;
  • to advance high ethical standards of professional conduct in the music world;
  • to encourage understanding of the cultures of all nations;
  • to do any and all things conducive to the service, betterment, and ultimate welfare of musicians.​