COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity Operations and Coronavirus

Guide to Reopening for Chapters

Across the country states, counties, and cities are in various stages of reopening. The National Board understands that members are anxious to resume “normal life” and regular chapter activities. The National Board continues to monitor the situation in the United States and has the following recommendations for our chapters:

Continue to follow local guidelines for gatherings and social distancing. Continue to follow guidelines from the CDC and your college or university. Allow your school to dictate how your chapter will meet. For example: if your school is continuing instruction entirely online, then your chapter should also continue to meet online. If your school is following a hybrid model, your chapter can also develop a hybrid model. If your school is in person, your chapter may also meet in person.

Delta Omicron recommends getting vaccinated as soon as possible, unless you have underlying medical concerns that make getting a vaccine unsafe. Chapters may meet in person if members are fully vaccinated and/or able to socially distance and wear masks, but only if members are comfortable. Ease back in. Just because society is reopening, doesn’t mean anyone has to rejoin society if they are uncomfortable. Tell fellow members where your boundaries are and acknowledge the awkwardness. Continue to offer remote options for members who are choosing not to meet in person at this time.

List your priorities. What has your chapter missed the most? What is the most important thing for your chapter to return to? Take this time to reevaluate your chapter’s goals and mission so that you can come back stronger than ever.

Please send us updated chapter rosters and chapter executive board members so that we can continue to stay in touch with you. Like many non-profit organizations, we are struggling and we could use your financial support. We would be most appreciative if you are able to pay your outstanding obligations from the past semesters. Dues can be mailed to the executive office and we’ll alert your chapter that you paid. If you graduated, don’t forget to start paying on your life membership. You can also look for an alumni club or chapter in your area to join. Supplies can be ordered through the executive office and they can be mailed to members’ home address. The Delta Omicron store is also open and operating. Contact the executive office. Donations to the fraternity are also welcome.

Remember: once a D.O., always a D.O. Just because we are apart for a little while doesn’t mean that our bonds of fraternity grow weak. We hope that music has been a release and an escape for you in this stressful time. Please continue to contact us and tell us how you’re doing. Send in chapter rosters and dues. Continue to stay safe and healthy, until we can see each other again.